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Did you discover any favorite animals or evolutionary quirks where you thought, 'Oh. The audience is fairly self-selecting, so people who don't believe in evolution won't read it and those who do get it are with me. So I worked for a magazine and stuff like that. They fall off the tree branch intertwined and their penises come out and it looks like this translucent flower beneath them. It lives in a fish's mouth, and they clamp on to the fish's tongue and feed on mucus and stuff from the fish until, eventually, the tongue withers away and dies. Were there any other weird animal sex discoveries you made? But its OK for the fish because the isopod is in there clamped on to the withered stub of the fish's tongue, and it's roughly the same size as a fish's tongue, so the fish can pretty much use it as a tongue.

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They have this ritual where for hours they climb up to a tree branch and circle around each other, getting closer and closer, crawling through each other's slime — that gets them ready to go.

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Let's All Laugh at the World's Most Dickhead-Looking Animals

But the reason is applied later, once it becomes a useful purpose. Then they drop to the ground. There's a pelican that looks like a urinal. Although there was a Facebook page that started ripping off the dialogue I was doing on the blog and turning them into dialogues between evolution and God.

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