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Hard and dry as it was, this sort of Pokefood lasted fine underwater, but was just soft enough to skewer a hook though. A quiet nod, and a careful grasp of the deer's legs, and the Eeveelution carefully tugged Unfurling the durable net-bag he'd brought, he piled the three fish, by now quite weak and harmless, into it Aspen knew how to prepare all of these Pokemon for eating, and licked his tan lips at the thought Aspen's mind hazed, as his belly rumbled loudly once more He was not used to his smaller size, but he still had a lot of strength; he just had to learn how to use it! It was a good three meals' worth of fish, if not a little more

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But his belly kept gurgling, even as the meal melted away. The deer looked back at that belly-hole, dripping with slime now; he really just came out of that? Or I might think you're cool. It wasn't like he could capture himself in it without setting the trapping hinge on its door, yet

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