Over sized nipples

over sized nipples
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You should, however, note any changes in your nipples or breasts, especially if they're sudden. Rarely, it can be related to conditions in which you have too much testosterone polycystic ovary syndrome , but it is usually normal. If that happens, give your doctor a call. If you've ever thought your nipples looked kind of unusual, you're definitely not alone. It's pretty common for women to worry about their breast health, as well as whether or not everything looks as it "should. Also known as a "supernumerary nipple," it happens to a decent amount of ladies as well as men. If you're worried about the length of your nipples, it may be time to think about them differently.

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Joselyn. Age: 23.
over sized nipples

I don't believe this variability or lack of uniformity should be [a] concern.

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Jacqueline. Age: 28.
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11 "Unusual" Types Of Nipples That Are Actually Normal

Since they come in all shapes and sizes, it's pretty likely your nipples are totally normal — and healthy — just as as they are. As Shainhouse says, "[A normal nipple] refers to the normally everted nipple that can become more hard or erect with cold or stimulation. Flat nipples, as well as puffier ones, are perfectly healthy, too. If that happens, give your doctor a call.

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