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As well as asking his wife to dress up in fishnet tights and high heels, Ray then asks Diana to walk up and down his body in stilettos for his pleasure before stepping on his face. And this bride's "tiny" engagement ring has been mocked as women cruelly have joked it's "so small" she shouldn't bother wearing it. The new Channel 4 show aims to help couples overhaul their dwindling sex lives by making their own racy video which a therapist then gives them feedback on. However in recent years, the couple have found themselves feuding over Ray's fetish which involves Diana dressing as a dominatrix. Describing how her husband's fetish is prioritised over her own needs, Diana said: "I just give and he takes. Whereas Ray's fetish used to be a small part of their sex life, Diana admitted that it's now become the main - and the only - event in the bedroom.

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Gwendolyn. Age: 25.
stiletto heels trample

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Stiletto Trample

The full-time mum admitted: "I get no pleasure out of it, I get zero out of it. Plus this bride-to-be has been shamed for wearing TWO "ugly" engagement rings as her fiance can't decide which he prefers. Aware that his desires are driving a wedge between him and his wife, Ray added: "I want to find everything I need with my wife.

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