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the regular show mordecai
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After Mordecai and Rigby stole his moves in "Death Punchies", he was forced to shut his dojo down. After finishing Rigby's vision, he robs the park staff and tries to escape with the other wishmakers. He was the most sophisticated doll of his day, with phrases stored inside. As the three exit the court's ship, Mordecai and Rigby throw their bicycles into a satellite dish, which explodes and destroys the whole court. When he almost defeats them, the duo realize that players control the game by using their imagination.

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When he shoots a firework at the park gang, he hits El Diablo instead.

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Inside 'Regular Show,' Where Every Clip Is A Big Production

In the episode "Think Positive", it is revealed that Benson's family members often yelled at each other when he was a child. Rigby has also died four times and was resurrected in the series. Quintel is an anthropomorphic blue jay who works as a groundskeeper at The Park.

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