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The pain of the transformation causes Bullet to pass out. He awakes in a tavern, fully transformed into a woman. The orgasmic moans and groans she experiences are sexy as hell. The horror aspects add another layer of sexiness to this piece of media. Soon as Unnamed Friend whips out his dick, the battle is over. Sometime later, Bullet, a ragged bounty hunter, visits the mansion in search of a famed jewel. The facial expressions take the gold medal for being totally over the top.

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Keyla. Age: 30.
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Her voice actress also injects just the right amount of sadism to make the character remain likable despite the events of the story.

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Zara. Age: 25.
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Since magical transformations are involved, the episode sports a lot of fantasy-esque sound effects during these transformations. Ghost Girl also deserves a shout out. Bullet scoffs at the idea, but Ghost Girl tricks him into thinking about what kind of women he finds attractive and promptly starts transforming him into her, starting with her boobs. The series takes place primarily in an old spooky mansion, and the music plays up the creepy, mysterious vibe the house gives off.

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