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After my spasms subsided, and my body had relaxed, I felt Bob take his head out of my crotch, and move his body closer to my head. The sight of his head bobbing up and down in my crotch, sliding his mouth all over my slick pole, his strong jaws working double time to bring me off, is one of the fondest memories of my early sexual experiences! My grey cotton sweats turned a darker grey where the juices had soaked through them. The cold air in the basement had done it's work, for his brown nipples looked hard and pointed. I was glad he was turned the other way, as there was no way he could have missed my 7-incher sticking straight out! He noticed more precum forming in my piss slit and said "WOW! Then we changed places and he helped as I did the exercise.

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I couldn't believe I hadn't shot my load long ago, and was afraid I would shoot it all over myself and Bob any second.

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He dropped a hand to the crotch of his tight, faded levis, reached in, and pulled out his own monster dick. But Bob moaned more loudly and said,"Don't stop now! Get instant access to some narrated sex stories from Erotic Audio.

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