Keep teen driving age the same

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In a bid to cut accidents involving young motorists, many believe that the legal driving age should be raised and that learner drivers should be prohibited from taking their driving test until they are 18, allowing minors to be well educated and to develop maturity. It could be argued that many accidents are caused by careless young drivers who are immature and irresponsibly. Many people may take the view that the legal driving age should not be altered and it should remain the same because it is fair.

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The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has issued a report calling on states to raise the minimum driving age to 17 or While I share the With up-to-date driver training, more hours of careful behind-the-wheel practice and effective parental involvement and role modeling, year-olds can be excellent drivers.

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The initiation of teen driving, which occurs between ages 15 and 17, has generally been studied primarily in relation to crash injury reduction. However, it may be the most important period influencing development between puberty and emerging adulthood because, once the teens are driving on their own or riding with other teens, parental control over social behavior is greatly reduced and opportunities for risk taking are substantially increased. The noncrash risks and benefits of licensing during this critical transition period is the subject of this paper.

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Statistics show that teenage drivers have more crashes than any other age group. A new Insurance Institute for Highway Safety report focuses on the costs in terms of lives of allowing licensure sooner rather than later. Licensing at later ages would substantially reduce crashes involving teen drivers, she said. Wilkinson said teen driving recently was discussed in her government class.

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Your phone rings and you answer. On the other end is a Georgia State patrolman with a message that your teenage son or daughter has been involved in an auto accident. Instantly your world turns upside down, your heart begins to race, your mind speeds through a series of horrible scenarios, and as you struggle to keep your composure, you manage to ask the officer — are they okay?

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Young drivers, and even older ones, cause many fatal accidents; raising the minimum age at which people can drive might reduce this, but is it a benefit to society, and are the statistics true? We can help lower the accident rates if the driving age is raised to 18 so no more kids can get hurt or killed in a accident on the freeway or by another car crashing into their car if we raise the driving age it will be safer for the young and old drivers. No because younger drivers aren't necessarily dangerous Raising Driving Age should the driving age be raised to 18 driving at age 16 You should raise it!

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Although there are several advantages for a family when another driver can run errands, teen drivers are also at a higher risk of accident or injury compared to any other population demographic. There are specific challenges that young people face behind the wheel because of their general lack of experience while driving as well. By allowing for a longer period of instruction, the thought is that young people can become individual drivers with better skills because they have had more time to practice with their parents or instructors.

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You wouldn't be too happy with a driving age change if you was 16 now would you? I would with no doubt bet you you would be furious. So let's take a few examples and apply them to this debate Example 1: You have a job, school, and take care of your parents, how could you do all these responsibilities without transportation or a license?

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In fact, motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for American teenagers. While the age requirements and restrictions vary by state, all GDL programs follow the same three stages. At this stage, drivers must be supervised at all times by an adult.

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An ongoing topic of debate in the safety world has been whether the driving age should be raised. Typically, drivers need to be 16 or 17 to drive alone. There are many people, including politicians and safety experts, that want to raise the age to


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