Vintage valentine day cards

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Giving romantic Valentine's Day cards slowly came into fashion during the 18th century, but they were mostly DIY affairs at the time. By the end of that century, pre-printed cards began to appear, and once the printing and manufacturing technologies of Victorian Britain picked up, the Valentine card industry boomed. Below are 31 cards from years past.

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But how did we get here? There is no single agreed-upon origin story. Some claim the holiday comes from the feast of Lupercaliaa celebration in which men killed goats and dogs, using their hides to whip women who would willingly line up for the fertility ritual.

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There is something really special about things from ages past. Recently I came across a well used rug book from The same can be said about an old valentine card.

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This made the cards more luxurious, but kept them within a budget. However, Howland had the idea to mass-produce one design, print it on card, lace or paper mass producing one design would be infinitely cheaper, less labour intensive and draw in higher profits and then sell the cards on a grand scale. Although mass-produced cards had long been popular in Victorian England, they were yet to take off in the same way in the United States. Ah, the power of mass-marketing love….

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Some 60, were sent in alone, and by that number had grown toMeanwhile, in the United States, the valentine first appeared in the letterboxes of lovers in Today, around million Valentine cards are sent every year in the U.

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The following vintage postcards date from the early s and the cards are from the late s through early s. The postcards date from the early s and the cards are from the late s through early s. Poem inside: Dear little friend With your merry smile And laughing big bright eyes, I wish you'd come over and play with me And help me make mud pies.

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Share the love here and now! With friends on Facebook or book club members. With co-workers and neighbors.

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Love may be timeless, but the tokens we give one another to show it certainly have changed through the years. Take a trip through Valentine's Days past to see what kinds of celebrations and candy! You might just get inspired to cruise Etsy for some vintage Valentines to send your sweetheart — or to make a '50s or '60s inspired card of your own. Back in February — when this pin-up shoot took place — Marilyn Monroe was still a relatively unknown actress who had recently scored a small part in The Asphalt Jungle.

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I admit a love for paper and nostalgia. Vintage Valentine cards fulfil both of those loves. How appropriate!

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It was a combination of their beauty, the messages, and the history that drew me in. After her collection numbered somewhere over 12, examples of Valentine, friendship and devotional ephemera, her son and his wife, to whom she had given it, entrusted the collection to The Huntington Library Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens in San Marino, Calif. Rosin remains as passionate about Valentines as ever, cataloguing examples at such renowned institutions as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and giving lectures on this subject. Particularly desirable are those employing cobweb devices where one pulls on a string to lift up the cobweb, exposing a hidden image sometimes several or a secret message.


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