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The smirking face is no exception: While there are some titillating content contained within and there should be, with over 64, posts , most of it is fairly unexciting. Instagram may have banned the lone eggplant, but that hasn't stopped enterprising Instagram users from creating alternatives, like the double, triple, quadruple and even quintuple eggplant. To that end, Mic has compiled a list of searchable and dirty Instagram emoji hashtags — rated on a scale of one to five eggplants neverforget — that may be useful if one is looking for, you know, dong and the like. The yellow faces let us down yet again. For such an overtly sexual hashtag, you'd think the old finger-in-the-hole combination would do the trick.

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It's not stellar enough to warrant five eggplants, but it's a serviceable option nonetheless.

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Which Emoji Hashtag Is Hiding the Most Dirty Material on Instagram?

The twin version is the most fruitful, though that's not saying much, as the most X-rated content appears to disappear soon after it gets posted. There are, however, a fair number of large-chested women to be found. What you'll find : Tongues, videos of girls in plastic pools, girls on cars, a hint of penis. There's more nudity here than the smirking face hashtag, and despite the relatively small number of posts — just over — a fair few of them are naughty.

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