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When she was over feet tall, the street she was stomping down got to narrow- her big butt was too wide, and her hips were stuck. And suddenly an ass nearly as big as the city itself was falling for the city… that you were in…. Omaira opened her eyes, and found herself sitting a mostly-empty swimming pool. And the whole time she was rising bigger and taller. She loved the way her giant bubble-butt jiggled… but she also loved the way everyone bounced a bit when her foot came down. Eighty feet tall… one hundred feet tall…. Her giant body rose up and up, until her ass was bigger than several city blocks and the whole town was in her giant shadow.

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Anaya. Age: 21.
mothers boobs tumblr

Eighty feet tall… one hundred feet tall….

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Paige. Age: 20.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Your mark was giggling as she stomped on cars and knocked over billboards with her ass. There were two especially hot ladies sitting with their backs too you… and the one the right had pretty nice butt. Then she grew up to twenty-five feet tall, and people started screaming and running.

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