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A homeschooling mother of two, Lisa exemplifies how concern about geoengineering can become all-consuming. I wanted to know how these socially progressive, educated and entrepreneurial organic farmers came to reject the authority of science — and what it would take to redirect their concerns toward real and dire environmental threats. When I explain the focus of this article to Tammi, she expects condescension. Over beers, I show Tammi and Rob the first ever peer-reviewed study testing the chemtrails theory, conducted by researchers at the Carnegie Institution for Science in Going through 70 years of books on the science of clouds, West explains why, depending on atmospheric conditions, contrails can either evaporate rapidly or persist and grow into sheets of cirrostratus. Given her environmentalism and hippie-dippy aesthetic, this shocked me.

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For the month of January, in an attempt to escape seasonal and post-election depression, I applied to work as a part-time farmhand at Lincoln Hills in exchange for room and board after spotting the arrangement advertised on the website HelpX.

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My month with chemtrails conspiracy theorists

At the overlook, mist hangs in the Ponderosa pines. Thinking it was related to agriculture, she joined the group. Scientists roundly reject the chemtrails theory, which started to gain followers in the mids. In January, for the first time ever, a White House report submitted to Congress called for research into geoengineering.

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