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Frozen Charlotte dolls can still be found in antique stories and online auctions, but their photos often raise questions—what is this, is it haunted, and most importantly, why is she in a coffin? Frozen Charlotte with advice of a different kind. Originally simple porcelain dolls sold as kind of early rubber ducks for children to play with in the bath, they made their way to America in the s, where they took on a rather creepier life—afterlife?

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Post a Comment. The Gibson Girl began appearing in the s and was the personification of the feminine ideal of physical attractiveness portrayed by the satirical pen-and-ink illustrations of illustrator Charles Dana Gibson during a year period that spanned the late 19th and early 20th century in the United States and Canada. The artist saw his creation as representing the composite of "thousands of American girls.

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Sign in. Actress The Three Musketeers. A new reigning s international sex symbol took to the cinematic throne as soon as Raquel Welch emerged from the sea in her purposely depleted, furry prehistoric bikini.

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But to anyone living in the s, these were indeed just as fashionable as anything worn by supermodels and celebrities today. Because these dresses were sewn together from several pieces of fabric, they took on a more layered look than dresses from earlier eras. Indesigners began fastening the back ends of long dresses with cords to keep them from dragging on the ground while walking. The cords allowed the skirts to be lifted and the length changed to suit the wearer.

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Fashions that appear harmless today caused waves when they were first introduced; indeed, some of the clothes shown here were even banned. Whether the style pushed social boundaries, challenged gender perceptions, or overthrew conventions, these 10 scandalous fashions have left a lasting impression. Light and simple, the gaulle was everything that lavish court dress was not.

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Florence Evelyn Nesbit, known professionally as Evelyn Nesbit, was a popular American chorus girl and artists' model whose liaison with renowned architect Stanford White immortalized her as "The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing". In the early part of the 20th century, the figure and face of Evelyn Nesbit was everywhere, appearing in mass circulation newspaper and magazine advertisements, on souvenir items and calendars, making her a cultural celebrity. Her career began in her early teens in Philadelphia and continued in New York, where she posed for a cadre of respected artists of the era, James Carroll Beckwith, Frederick S.

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Many people associate the term Victorian with the notion of sexual repression. Looking back at 19th century America, modern day culture has constructed a belief that the Victorians were straitlaced and sexually in the dark. Lastly, it is also true that many women chose to live their lives according to these ideals.

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I have one little tiny historically debatable detail in my latest release, Fool for Love. Like this:. But wait, is that historically accurate? Well, when Angela pointed it out to me I did some research.

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In the s, men wore fitted waistcoats, dashing top hats, and wide cravats that would make a true lady weak in the knees. They had curly coifs and sideburns that'd have you reaching for your smelling salts. Here, a look at the hottest 19th-century hotties that have us blushing under our bonnets.

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While women have been getting tattooed in Native American, Maori and other cultures for thousands of years, tattooed women have only been a part of the Western world for the last hundred years. The first tattooed Western women in America were those who performed in sideshow and vaudeville acts during the late 19th century. The tattooed women of this time were an extreme taboo to the rigid gender norms of Victorian society, however, this allowed tattooed women like Nora Hildebrandt and Irene Woodward to monetize off their mystique.


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