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This is hardest because not only do you need new pictures as the face size changes, but you will have to edit the pictures that are covered up so that the don't block what's behind them I will also briefly explain this in the 4th step. For this circumstance you will paste both heads on the first frame of timeline. Daniel Stabile Matlek Reply 2 years ago. For the rest of you this is going to be a bit trickier to understand at first, but once you can wrap your head around it you will be pros in no time! It'd be a fun challenge to figure out the most efficient way to do that.

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GIF Guide: How to Apply Face Moisturizer Properly

Each frame in Timeline has a corresponding visible layer in Layers Display. Daniel Stabile Swansong Reply 2 years ago. FalseFeint Matlek Reply 2 years ago.

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