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At this time, the arcade is about to open and as Ralph prepares to leave Sugar Rush , Vanellope hugs Ralph and offers him a wing in the castle where he will be happy and loved. Vanellope's kart is caught in the explosion, prompting Ralph and Felix to come to her rescue as Cy-Bugs destroy the finish line. However, Ralph's safety was far more important than her own in her eyes, as the bad-guy was the only person to ever show her kindness at that point, which meant the world to her. Felix at first refuses, but after Ralph promises to never try to be good again, Felix finally agrees and repairs the broken kart. She promises to return it if he helps her win the race since Sugar Rush racers are returned their medals used to enter the race once they finish it. She is voiced by Sarah Silverman and her signature kart is the Candy Kart. However, Vanellope notices a "gold coin" atop the tree, becoming excited and dashing toward it, ignoring Ralph, who confesses that he is from a different game and needs the medal that she has mistaken for a gold coin.

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vanellope von schweetz feet

Ralph breaks into Vanellope's cell and rolls in her kart, now repaired, as he apologizes to her.

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Vanellope von Schweetz

When he notices her, he orders his security guards, Wynnchel and Duncan, to arrest her, but then Ralph covered in taffy and other candy arrives to reclaim his medal. Vanellope is upset and embarrassed and snaps at Ralph, who reacts badly and calls Vanellope a thief for stealing his medal. Confused at Ralph's change of heart, Vanellope asks why, and Ralph tells her that he has been talking to King Candy. Disappointed, Ralph apologizes for messing up, but Vanellope is happy to have a real kart in her possession.

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