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We all love giving shit to Americans. As in so many cases, Roy and HG provide the pithiest summary. On the other, there were indeed only two of them.

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Front page photo by Daniel Boud. Animal Man: Do You Feed. The album is a full-on rock opera set in a fictional British town during the late 70s and early 80s.

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Come on, dawg, it was supposed to be on that song Talkin' bout how bad you hate him, now you all on his thong? What's wrong? You scared? And Fred, you said you was dissin' him too I shoulda knew better than to listen to you You fuckin' sissy, up on stage, screamin' how people hate you They don't hate you They just think you're corny since Christina played you And I dare you motherfuckers to try to diss me back That's a sissy act, and don't call me kissin' my ass 'Cause I swear to God this ain't just a song, I'm tryna to pre-warn you Lethal, when I fuckin' see you, dawg, I'm swingin' on you!

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Oct 5, 18 My issue is more with album art. Almost half of my mp3's show Steve Winwood.

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I recently added it to my iPad as well, to be able to use it more around the house. I wanted to listen to some Frank Sinatra. So I added it to my library.

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Then I go to play it back a day later, and something has messed with it without asking me It'll change from the original album name to some greatest hits anthology, or make up some band name, then tell me a Lennon song was recorded in Kind of annoying when I'm trying to organize my library.

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I download the file as. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file. I emailed tech support and they replied with a three page fix that I don't see how it will work.

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Recently another song has popped up and it currently trending. It A Bang! Rema is a fucking talent which sick flows, he sure will take over from the likes of Starboy Wizkid. Why are you using cuss words on your blog?


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