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Every question you ever had about female ejaculation, answered. Anastasia has done volunteer work in suicide prevention and would now like to do outreach work with young mums. She credits being a young parent with giving her the drive to juggle both of these with childcare. The average age people become first-time parents is now at an all-time high But you can achieve whatever you want, your dreams are still valid, even after this. Amy, 23, mum to Ollie, 5, and Oscar, 3. She spent two year studying acting but, afterwards, she needed to secure work quickly to support her daughter.

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When Amy conceived her elder son Ollie, her parents were shocked but supportive.

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And, by having Louis so young, I think it motivated me to really achieve my potential. Anastasia, 35, mum to Atlanta, Amy, 23, mum to Ollie, 5, and Oscar, 3. She and Louis, who is now 12, are in some ways like friends, she says, adding that she still remembers clearly what it was like to be his age, and feels able to relate to things he goes through at school.

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