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The four went about all of the fun camping activities - tubing, swimming, listening to music, etc. How badly she needed to go. The others agreed, and everyone went to sleep. Lacey kept struggling like this, with the cruel reality that she would need both hands to free the zipper. It seemed to go on forever, and he thought again about how badly she had needed to go. Kyle let out a low breath and could feel that his boxers were wet with precum.

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Hadassah. Age: 28.
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He woke hard, but he turned to steel as he heard her breaths - it sounded as though she was exercising heavily, or doing something that took a great deal of effort.

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Briella. Age: 21.
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It confused him momentarily, and he almost called out asking if something was wrong because the noise sounded so erratic. Lacey gave up holding on halfway through and just crouched down, covering her face with her hands in clear humiliation. How badly she needed to go. She smelled like roses and talked about how much she had always loved camping.

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