Cause teen violence

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Arguments are a natural part of family life, and these can certainly start to happen more often, as your child enters their teenage years. Sometimes conflicts will turn into blazing rows, with your teenager insulting you or swearing. This can be hurtful and frustrating for any parent to deal with.

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Youth violence is the intentional use of physical force or power to threaten or harm others by young people ages It typically involves young people hurting other peers who are unrelated to them and who they may or may not know well. Youth violence can take different forms.

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Tantrums, defiance, moodiness, intense emotions, impulsive and reckless conduct. Sometimes it may be hard to believe, but no, your teenager is not an alien being from a distant planet. Your teen may be taller than you and seem mature in some respects, but often they are simply unable to think things through on an adult level.

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There is a great concern about the incidence of violent behavior among children and adolescents. This complex and troubling issue needs to be carefully understood by parents, teachers, and other adults. Children as young as preschoolers can show violent behavior. Parents and other adults who witness the behavior may be concerned, however, they often hope that the young child will "grow out of it.

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If we think back to our teenage years, many of us will remember getting angry with our parents or even shouting at them from time to time. But if your teenager is being regularly verbally aggressive or even physically violent, this can cause real problems in your home for both you and your family. Hear from counsellors, teens and parents in the video below talk about how to handle violence at home.

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Jump to content. Violence causes more injury and death in children, teenagers, and young adults than infectious disease, cancer, or birth defects. There is no single explanation for the violence caused by youth.

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Whether it's a gang fight or a violent act against a stranger, the reasons behind the violence vary. Quite often, there are a variety of factors that come together to increase the likelihood that a teen will become violent. If you see signs of violence, it's important to seek immediate help for your teen.

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Teen violence has become an increasing concern as more teens become victims or perpetrators of teen violence. Essentially, these violent actions are a result of teens not having good ways to cope with their emotions or deal with other people. They have learned violent ways of reacting to their problems, but they can still learn better skills for coping with challenges.

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Skip to content Ontario. Download print version PDF. Violent crime involving youth can take many shapes and forms and involve many different types of people.

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On any given day in the United States, you will find a news story about youth violence. Whether it is street violence, bullyingor a school shooting, our country's youth is plagued by violent behavior. The American Psychological Association APA defines youth violence as an extreme form of aggression with the goal of physical harm, injury, or death.


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