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Boxxy Uploaded by Baluh the Alchemist Horse. After receiving negative backlash for these actions, the group made her videos public again and by January 19th, , uploaded a second video apologizing for the hack. By using this site, you are agreeing by the site's terms of use and privacy policy and DMCA policy. Dawson proceeded to reupload Boxxy's three videos to her own YouTube account [27] , noting that the they had trademarked "Boxxy" and "Boxxybabee. About Boxxy is the online pseudonym of Catie Wayne, a YouTube personality who became known on 4chan in Boxxy Uploaded by Krupam the Applefag. Following her exchange with 4chan, Boxxy abandoned most of her online presence until November 18th,

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Catherine Wayne was born on April 28th,

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Cynthia. Age: 30.
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On December 10th, , all of the videos on the YouTube account boxxybabee [3] were removed due to a copyright claim by someone named Lia Dawson. Boxxy Uploaded by Baluh the Alchemist Horse. In the first hour the video was on YouTube, it accumulated over 2, comments, many of them hailing the "return of the queen. Boxxy Uploaded by amanda b.

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