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For the interjection, see Oi interjection. The mainstream media increased its claims that Oi! Late s, England particularly the East End of London. By providing, for the first time, a musical focus for skinhead identity that was 'white'—that is, that had nothing to do with the West Indian immigrant presence and little obvious connection with black musical roots—Oi! Skinhead books Skinhead films Hooligan firms Peckerwood gangs. Garry Bushell, the journalist who promoted the Oi!

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Not only was its title a play on a Nazi slogan " Strength Through Joy ", but the cover featured Nicky Crane , a skinhead BM activist who was serving a four-year sentence for racist violence Crane later disavowed his alignment with the far right after revealing he was gay.

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For the interjection, see Oi interjection. These denials, however, were met with cynicism from some quarters because of the Strength Thru Oi! Soon, especially in the United States, the Oi!

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