Hottest naruto character

hottest naruto character
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He became a Missing-nin and joined Akatsuki after leaving Konohagakure. Known for his powerful Water Release and transportation techniques, Tobirama was considered the fastest ninja and strongest Water User of his time. What is it with Sharingan and hot guys? Naruto Shippuuden has more than just dramatic plots and extreme action scenes His smiles are even more beautiful because they are so rare.

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Kamila. Age: 21.
hottest naruto character

Hashirama's friendly, goofy personality, long and dark hair, and dark eyes make him an attractive man.

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Camilla. Age: 24.
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The 20 Best Female Characters In 'Naruto'

His Sharingan eyes and Uchiha looks are his ticket to our Naruto's hottest male characters list. Related Articles Top 10 Characters Who Would Make the Best Anime Girlfriend If it was physically possible, and we managed to avoid being put in the friend zone, it would be almost every anime fan's dream come true. Neji's Byakugan, long hair, and noble status make him a hot dreamboat.

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