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Every little stupid thing ticks me off. I stumbled upon your blog one morning after praying night after night for God to fix my home! Sometimes she will even shove her 2 year old brother to the ground because I ask her to go to time out and then I have two screaming, crying children. Not all, obviously, because they have their own free will. You mentioned a lot of tips I hope will work in my life.

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Maryam. Age: 28.
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I read numerous amounts of your entries and applied them to my home life and I am happy to say we are slowly getting back to normal.

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Camila. Age: 26.
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Why Am I An Angry Mom? 5 Anger Triggers And How To Manage Them

Read : How to be a calm mom when you feel anything but. It is true that being a mean mom is definitely not a good thing. I wrote out the points that hit me hardest and am putting it up on my fridge. Just another alternative to time out that can be beneficial for a difficult child!

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