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They dont even care either. Derogatory description for person who seems well-suited to residential life in a mobile home park and is distinguished by poor hygiene, foul language, slovenly or slutty clothing, and general ignorance. I hope I don't get within feet of them again. Many of these people are addicted to crystal meth and are on welfare. The fact of the matter is, they attract the dregs of society like a giant porch light attracting moths. Category Three: the crazies. A strange smell wafts through the air.

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Aitana. Age: 21.
trailer trash ho

Typically living in portable trailers, for no other reason than to shake them wildly when the fevered dreams come.

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Lucille. Age: 25.
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Trailer trash people don't care about what they do in their lives and think they are cool because of this. They have almost no care for personal hygiene and if they are a girl they will often dress slutty with some major cleavage. Pabst Blue Ribbon is a holiday special or after beating their wife or kids.

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