Adult treasure hunt ideas

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Here are some ideas for treasure hunt themes that you can use: Missing Treasure Solve the mystery of the long lost treasure. They were caught but the loot. Read More

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Treasure hunts are a fun and easy way to enjoy time with your kids, strengthen your staff through team building, or enjoy time with friends and family. Competition encourages teams to work together or individuals to think creatively and build resourcefulness. You may utilize all your resources including old halloween costumes to create themes and decorations.

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This is the ultimate list of scavenger hunts with everything from photo scavenger hunts to scavenger hunts for kids! And even some of the best scavenger hunts for adults! So many amazing scavenger hunts in one place!

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Take a picture of the location of a hidden clue. Give a young child a photograph of the mailbox their next clue is hidden in or, as in the sample below, a picture of an entire clock. For a teen or adult hunt try photographing a small portion of a hidden clue's location to increase the difficulty eg. If the next clue is hidden behind a clock in the livingroom, photograph a portion of the clock or even just one of the numbers on the clock.

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For rainy afternoons, spend the day inside playing scavenger hunt with family and friends. The difficulty levels will vary, depending on the players' ages. These riddles will help the players find items in and around the house to make the game more interesting.

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By Susan Goldberg Jun 29, Photo: iStockphoto. Want to send your kids on the ultimate birthday party treasure hunt?

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Ever growing selection of printable treasure hunt riddles, clues, and games for your printing and playing pleasure! Treasure hunts are fastly growing in popularity and are making a HUGE come-back. We have taken treasure hunts to the next level with unique clues, fun themes, and combinations with other games to make our hunts something new and different.

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This birthday scavenger hunt is perfect for kids, adults, boys, girls, and really anyone celebrating a birthday! Let me start by saying this is a totally updated birthday scavenger hunt. I made that original birthday scavenger hunt years ago.

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Print and send out these around town scavenger hunt invitations to each guest to notify them of the activity you are planning:. Here are example scavenger hunt list ideas of things each team needs to collect during the scavenger hunt:. If you want to make things a bit harder, great scavenger hunt list ideas is to add things that have a specific color, touch, smell, sound, or any other characteristic.

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Planning your own jaw-dropping treasure hunt for your friends, kids, or partner, is easy using this guide or a printable map template! You need to plan a treasure hunt in reverse — starting with where to stash the loot. This lets you make the map and clues to match.


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