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What follows is part one of a three-part personal account of the hearing and some of the events leading up to it, written by a member of the Recovering Gra This is part three of a three-part series. I worked at f

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Bill Gothardthe founder of the fundamentalist organization Institute in Basic Life Principles IBLP and a man whose last name does him no favors here, is on that list and his downfall says a lot about the problems within the conservative Christian movement. Gothard was initially placed on leave from the IBLP in after approximately 34 women claimed he had sexually harassed them. That was on top of accusations of molestation and failure to report child abuse.

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Yet its founder, Bill Gothardwas a sinister, manipulative leader. Even the Duggars, the famous— perhaps now infamous —family featured on TLC have connections to Gothard and his teachings. Gothard has since resigned from his position at the IBLP, but his damaging influence over thousands of families remains.

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I knew Bill Gothard was creepy and sexually harassed teen girls, but as more stories come out, it's become increasingly clear that he is a sexual predator. I've always been glad my parents never got involved with the Advanced Training Institute or the Institute of Basic Life Principles seminars or teachings. Gothard wasn't even much on my radar while I was being homeschooled--not until college and I started hearing more about the Duggars' beliefs. Thank goodness, because Gothard's teachings leave much to be desired.

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Two women who are accusing an influential Christian preacher with ties to the Duggar family of sexual assault spoke out for the first time Thursday about their hellish years of forced labor and abuse in the cult-like organization. Joy Simmons and Jennifer Spurlock are two of the many men and women who have made the horrifying accusations against Bill Gothard, who ran Institute in Basic Life Principles, saying they were deprived of an education, forced to work and were groped by the Christian leader. It's just evil," Spurlock, who spent three years as a minor at one of Gothard's training centers, told the Daily News.

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A prominent leader in the conservative Christian homeschooling movement was accused of sexual abuse and rape in a lawsuit filed Wednesday by 10 former members of his ministry, The Washington Post reported. The suit alleges that Bill Gothard, the former head of the Institute in Basic Life Principles, sexually abused some of the women and concealed sexual abuse committed against other young women by family members. One unnamed plaintiff also alleged that Gothard raped her after she reported to the ministry that she had been raped by her father, according to the report.

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IBLP asked the court to dismiss the lawsuit for lack of supporting facts. Attorneys for the women asked for permission to refile the suit. They did, this time with twice as many plaintiffs, including one who brings the first accusation of rape against Gothard.

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However, today I want to mention one candidate whose religion is interfering with his politics in a way that could harm. I found about… Continue reading Rep. I found Ann's comment below in moderation, but felt it deserved a wider audience than where it was intended to be posted. Ann's story most certainly is not unique.

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Was a woman raped? In Wisdom Booklet 36, Gothard discusses the legal penalties for kidnapping, assault, battery, and rape. She is to cry out for […].

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Julie spent her days in a greeting lobby, often alone. Every time she began to connect with her on-campus roommates, Gothard moved her to a new room. Julie, who asked that her last name be withheld, believes that Gothard was isolating her socially so that she would only feel safe with him.


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