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Hot babe open ass Is it just e or are you losing weight man looking hella good. I got the 39A last year and there's still shades in it I havent used I'm so excited for this because I can see myself using every single shade! I'll deff be purchasing this palette bc I know I will get use out of it which is how I justify buying yet another eyeshadow palette lol Thanks for making something very unique yet still wearable!!!

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Man the LSD scene gave me so much munchies for a LSD trip that i havent had in like 2 or 3 years, its greatly done, so authentic :D I heard what sounded like a woman humming from to around Then it is continues for a couple of seconds at a time and then like it goes away for the next couple of minutes Anyone else see that orb at and then at like ish?. We need to give this man enough money to make a feature length film If only he was in charge of episode 9 First! I have been waiting a long time for this my little green friend.

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The Padma part was so creepy! They were amazing!! As someone with a disability I can't help but think that their services would be invaluable to older people and mobility limited folk like me How wonderful!

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I think you should give hafted weapons SOME leeway, particularly with awkward strikes I've worked with things like sledge hammers and other real tools with wood handles, and that is the failure point, but still, under regular use such handles should last much more than minutes The first example, yeah, that's within the realm of reasonable failure because such a strike puts a lot of rotational load it probably should have held up better, but it's in the acceptable breakage realmthe second example is straight up unacceptable, because none of the load application was unreasonable and it just, failed Seeing how much passion and thought into the names he put into this makes me even happier that I got this! Proud of you James! I think i have 2 celebrity crushes but they are much older cuz im 13 but i mostly like there music1brendon urie but i like his music more then looks and personality so ye2MELOVIN i like him for both looks and music and he is the first singer im a fan of that actually speaks my main language russian idk why thats special to me,it just isand i probably wont ever come to any of MELOVI'S or panic at the disco!

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