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Three films — one Swedish, one Danish, one French — were taken away, and some time later his possession of those films led to child pornography charges against him. Father Sedevic, 73, whose name graces a Catholic welfare centre in Sydney, became an unlikely player in an unusual case in a Gosford courtroom on July 31 — when a magistrate was required to determine the point at which art becomes child pornography. What made it all the more unusual is that the art in question included a Swedish film only recently, and controversially, banned in Australia, despite being more than 30 years old.

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By Dan Bloom. Thirteen people have been killed at one of Pakistan's last pornographic cinemas after three grenades were thrown into the audience. About 80 people were in the cinema as it reportedly screened an X-rated film midway through the afternoon when one grenade hit the main door and two more landed inside the building.

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Hilary Bergen and Sandra Huber. The result: an experimental re-working of pornography that is haunted by crackling white forms wherever the celluloid was tampered with. In an interview with the Millennium Film JournalUman talks in detail about the construction of Removed — made during stints of boredom while she was working her job as a 35mm projectionist at The California Institute of the Arts CalArts.

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Both films have been screened in Greek movie theaters. What do they have in common? Scenes of real sexual activity that make the films themselves border on the pornographic.

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In the age of the Internet, the idea of watching porn in an actual movie house might seem like a quaint act from another era — like pumping water or dialing up AOL. At a recent party of and year-olds, someone asked how many people had been to a porn theater. Only three hands went up.

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Drawing on media industry analysis, archival theory, and interviews with adult video personnel, David Church argues that vintage pornography retains its retrospective fascination precisely because these culturally denigrated texts have been so poorly preserved on political and aesthetic grounds. Disposable Passions explores the historiographic lessons that vintage pornography can teach us about which materials our society chooses to keep, and how a long-neglected genre is primed for serious rediscovery as more than mere autoerotic fodder. Disposable Passions ' greatest strength is that it offers an incredibly supple framework for understanding not only our historical connection to erotic media but also our erotic connections to historic media

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Sign in. A documentary about young women who have been drawn into the sex trade - and how easy it is for a web-savvy generation to end up making porn. Votes: 14,

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Its flashing neon signs and suggestive posters are hard to miss. It is the kind of place that could be shut down overnight and most people would not even notice, and if they did, they would not care. What few realise, however, is that down the steps in the basement of Curlow House is the CBD's longest, continuously running cinema.

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Read the introduction here. The reactions to the film raised questions in Moroccan Francophone press, as well as among some European critics, about how viewers could be so angry at a film they have not yet seen in its entirety. Labeling the entire backlash as reactionary, the Francophone press largely ignored the variety and complexity of the responses.

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On today's episode of Adult Films, the only podcast where comedians talk about movies, the boys are joined by comedian John Walter Stockwell to talk about some dorky shit he loves - anime! Also knows as manga, japanimation, the devil's candy, and so much more this particular kind of stuff if well loved by dorks, virgins, and black dorks! Join the boys as they delve into all the ins and out of this particular nonsense!


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