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Maiko, or apprentice geisha, have become a symbol of Kyoto as the apprentices dress more colorfully and elaborately than their seniorssuch that getting a maiko makeover is a touristy but worthwhile must-do when in Kyoto. The experience is anywhere between hours, but the memory will definitely outlast that short while. The average price of a maiko plan used to be about 12, yen, but now that these makeover shops realized that tourists can make do with fewer frills fewer photos, just being content to stay in the studio rather than walk around in maiko attire and just pay extra for whatever add-ons they want, cheaper options have become more plentiful.

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Wearing local attire is one of the best ways to fully immerse yourself into the local culture of your host country, and I did just that on my last visit to Kyoto. So, on my last visit to Kyoto my friend and I yielded the temptation and transformed into geishas for a day. Naomi booked us a slot in a rental spot called Yumeyakata which provides everything you might need for the epic transformation.

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We provide joyful and inspiring opportunities for international visitors from all over the the world to experience Japanese culture, continuing the traditions of beauty and hospitality in Japan as a studio that specializes in Maiko and Geisha makeover experiences. We love Kyoto and we love the world of the maiko. It is our pleasure to provide you with an impressive and fun experience through traditional Kyoto culture.

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It takes just 5 minutes from dress up to you getting the photo in your hand! You can wear the costumes over your clothes, and become a period drama star in no time! This is what Toei is all about! Professional makeup and wigs, and help dressing into your costume, and then you can stroll in the village looking like a real period drama star.

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Keen to stroll around the streets of Tokyo in a kimono, and maybe take a lot of photos in the process? A nice kimono will go well with the cherry blossomsor a temple or shrine in the background. In summer, they also rent out yukatawhich are made of lighter, thinner material than regular kimonos.

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Kyoto is one of the most important cities in Japan. Also until that year it was the place where the court and royalty resided. For this reason, it is still very common to find many traditional features of Japanese culture.

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Free shipping all-around Japan for your special occasion!! Perfect for weddings, school ceremony, graduation, shichigosan and other special occasion! Japanese traditional costume The japanese traditional costume is the symbol of the nationality.

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A walk around this cultural city reveals thousands of Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, immaculate gardens, and of course, the Japanese geisha and maiko of the most famous Kyoto geisha district, Gion. The Kyoto geisha of Gion have captured the hearts of Western tourists and Japanese natives alikeā€”those enamored by the tradition of grace, elaborate Japanese geisha makeup, and masterfully crafted maiko and geisha kimono that continues to be carried on by the modern geisha of Gion. Of all the services available, the Aya Maiko Makeover Studio is unmatched in its attention to detail, authenticity, and tradition. Looking for the best Kyoto hotels?

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Japan Talk. Kyoto Guide. It sounds sugarcoated but it's true.

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