Philippine virgin coconut oil

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Virgin Coconut Oil VCO is sweeping the health industry as a versatile health and nutritional product. As a natural oil extract from coconut, VCO is a powerful fat burning food. The saturated fat content of VCO is processed by the liver and quickly turned into energy.

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Coconut remains to be one of the most important crops and a major export of the Philippines. However, despite the continued boom of coconut exports, there has been no significant improvement in the coconut industry for the past years. A factor that has considerably affected the industry is the controversies surrounding the coconut levy fund.

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Geraldine B. Dayrit Delia D. C Ontengco.

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The Philippines is one of the best sources of virgin coconut oil and it's popularity in the country is legendary. Although not an herb, we decided to make an article about VCO because of the growing interest on the oil and after receiving several inquiries from our visitors. Virgin coconut oil and regular coconut oil is rich in Lauric Acid, an essential fatty acid that is only found in high concentrations in mother's milk. When taken internally, Lauric Acid turns into a compound known as Monolaurin.

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Virgin coconut oil contains a majority of medium-chain fatty acids, most prominently lauric acid. Thanks to its magnificent aroma of fresh coconuts, the oil adds a fine, exotic note to your dishes. It can be heated to high temperatures and therefore is ideally suited for frying and baking.

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It has no preservatives, chemicals, artificial scents, or colors. Unlike other coconut oil-based soaps, however, it uses a unique cold processing in order to retain all of its micro-nutrients, short and medium fatty acids, vitamins A, C and vitamin E, which can be compromised if heated. This allows the coconut oil in the soap to be absorbed more quickly by the skin, gives the product a longer shelf life, and leaves the skin with a mild coconut aroma.

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The dust has not settled yet on the coconut oil controversy. It can be tough sifting the data to separate the grain from the chaff. The latest book of Dr.

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We want our VCO to really taste good to encourage family members to drink it. In this process you get very light coconut flavor, mild and smooth in taste. Manufactures organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Known to be the healthiest dietary oil on earth. The company is capable of producing at least and average of 5, to 8, liters per month using fresh wet centrifuge method.

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It is extracted through a unique natural process where all the valuable characteristics and nutrients of coconut oil are preserved. During initial intake, slight stomach discomfort and frequent bowel movement may be experienced as part of the body's detoxification process. The product solidifies below 25C or 76F.

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National Government Agencies. Published on September 19, The firm is expected to produce up toliters of VCO annually in its plant in Bocaue, Bulacan as operations started on August with 15 personnel. The RBD coconut oil will be mixed with their proprietary mixture of herbal extracts composed of papaya, banana, carrot, and calamansi that will serve as the catalyst to convert the RBD coconut oil to VCO.


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