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ciel crossdressing
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It was a cute maid's dress cut to above the knee making it absolutely scandalous. Ciel arched up and moaned when Sebastian did that but with the way Sebastian was moving it wasn't enough. Sebastian pulled away and attacked other areas of Ciel to distract him. His muscles clamped around the invading fingers and he almost bit Sebastian's tongue. Maybe you can start manufacturing it, it hasn't taken off yet, so be the first. Once the gloves were off Sebastian set them to the side.

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ciel crossdressing

Sebastian leaned down once again to kiss the boy into relaxing even more.

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Ciel was staring at him but looked at the jar curiously. He opened his bedroom door and walked towards his bed, kicking the blue-heeled shoes he wore off on the way. Sebastian placed Ciel's captured hand on the bed. Sebastian just coaxed him into kissing back.

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