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Next time you have sex, be it gay or straight, bad or good, protected or condom-free, don't worry about dabbing up the evidence daintily like you're Grace Kelly having four o'clock tea with the Queen. It's a question that comes up woefully infrequently during even the most candid conversations about sex. The truth is, from a very early age, we're taught to be ashamed about our bodies and our pleasure, to the point where we completely gloss over the reality of what it's like to have sex — the good and the gross. But sometimes, I just let it do whatever it wants to do, which I guess is just be inside of me? And yet, even as we and other partners have taken these precautions, the spillage that comes from condom-free sex still isn't an accepted topic of sex talk conversation. Or do you stand up and force it to seep out by jiggling around, like a preschooler at Gymboree? Why don't we talk about post-sex spillage?

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Karla. Age: 22.
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And yet the question of what to do after a dude comes inside you is rarely publicly addressed.

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Nadia. Age: 32.
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There's One Post-Sex Problem That Nobody Ever Talks About

Others take a live-and-let-live approach, letting gravity take its course. It often comes down to being with a long-term partner. A year-old woman had a similar, albeit crueler, system: "I use closest fabric or object to wipe it off. A year-old woman echoed that sentiment, albeit more graphically: "Much like cocaine, the drip is the best part.

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