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Expect snakes, ballet and telekinesis. Her casual response to finding a strange man in her dark apartment is insane, particularly when juxtaposed with her flip-out after he scares her in the park. I never knew what Carly wanted or how she was feeling. It should work, but the execution and those restrictive censorship battles clearly took their toll. The dinner scene, in which the elderly couple watches Zeke ask Carly to remove her panties in a crowded restaurant, is also highly amusing.

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Do it badly and you get the Stepford Wives remake and this.

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[Horror Queers] The Sad, Underwhelming Saga of Erotic Thriller ‘Sliver’

Baldwin is better, though the role hardly requires him to do more than look hot and act enigmatic. Reading that Entertainment Weekly article you linked to, it makes sense. If only her jealousy or is it pride?

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