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Clark's rule and Young's rule are two of several different methods of calculating pediatric dosages. These methods are used when either the manufacturer has not recommended dosages for children or the prescriber has requested them to be used. The best explanation for these is simply that children vary so much in weight, size, tolerances, etc.

Learn how to: - use a formula to calculate the number of millilitres for infusions and boluses of drugs - calculate millilitres per hour and drops per minute when running volumes of solutions - use the metric system and a variety of concentrations - demonstrate using a variety of expressed concentrations in calculations. This app is really good however, being a children's nurse I'd love a paediatric version! This would be a faultless app if I knew which answers I was getting wrong in the quiz, it makes it very hard to improve your calculations when you don't know where you are going wrong.

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Chemotherapeutic drugs are commonly dosed according to body surface area, which requires an extra verification step BSA calculation prior to dosing. Medications are available in multiple concentrations, therefore orders written in "mL" rather than "mg" are not acceptable and require further clarification. Dosing also varies by indication, therefore diagnostic information is helpful when calculating doses.

Step 1. Step 2. Safety Check.

Please note - Dosage information listed on the Drugs. Always consult your doctor or healthcare specialist before changing the dosage of any medicines. The dose is the amount of drug taken at any one time.

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You should take Vyvanse once a day in the morning exactly as the doctor tells you to take it. Vyvanse can be taken with or without food. What if you could pay less for your monthly Vyvanse prescription?

How do doctors know how much medication you or your child needs? In the initial equation, they will factor in your height, weight, and symptoms, but because biology is an inexact science and every individual is unique, your doctor's first estimate may not be an ideal match. He or she will need to titrate the amount for the greatest effect.

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NCBI Bookshelf. Tammy J. Toney-Butler ; Lance Wilcox.

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The dosage calculator finds what dose of a medication is appropriate for your weight. Read on to learn what the drug dosage calculation formula is and how to use it. With our text, you will also learn more about the various different kinds of dosing which you may encounter when using different medications.

It does not consider physical differences between individual horses. If an accurate weight for your horse is necessary for any purpose, scales must be used. Measure Heart Girth 2. Measure Body Length 3.


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