Goofy movie max and roxanne

goofy movie max and roxanne
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Like the other students, she grows sleepy while listening to Principal Mazur 's boring speech as a boy named Chad takes the opportunity to ask her out to Stacey's 'end of school' party, but she presumably rejects him. Daviddv wrote:Mona is NOT canon for me. Roxanne does not appear in the sequel An Extremely Goofy Movie. She wears a short-sleeved teal T-shirt, dark blue jean shorts with a black belt with a round gray buckle, pink pearl earrings, and white ballet flats. Overjoyed to learn that Roxanne really hasn't fallen for another guy after all, Max's relief is short-lived as he then spots Roxanne crying.

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Makenzie. Age: 27.
goofy movie max and roxanne

The two spend time together, but as she leans in to kiss him, Roxanne is frightened off when Max unexpectedly transforms into Goofy, in a manner similar to werewolf movies, before Max wakes up in a cold sweat from the nightmare.

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Sienna. Age: 30.
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A Goofy Movie

Daviddv wrote:Mona is NOT canon for me. Roxanne is best friends with Stacey , the student body president. As "Powerline" continues his performance, he leans in towards Roxanne at one point, flattering her, and he is sent soaring into the air via a rope and nearly reaches for Roxanne's outstretched hand before his performance is suddenly cut short.

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