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This story takes place immediately following that contest. She even grew the pancreas itself larger to make good use of the new oxygen it was being provided. More specifically, the large female body — supple, curvaceous, expansive hourglass figures were his life, and he spent a large portion of his free time scrolling through art of many beautiful, rounded women. Moments later, Jemma was spotting a ceiling above her. Some people think it's magic, but I see it as a gift, just like perfect pitch, synesthesia, or crazy math skills. Art by the fantastic Vespa! I can still feel them spreading out!

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I can control the size of my breasts.

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(BE) Jemma's Massive Breast Expansion

Slowly they began to expand and spread across the white void the two resided within. Tonight, she was going to sleep, and by simply closing her eyes, she could enter the world of dreamland. With time and practice, I slowly got better at it.

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