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mature women with large breasts
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What is the ideal boob size and why? And so, I know first hand that those hormones are not the reason why there is that rising number of teenage girls with even exceeding the M-cup size, often needing custom-made bras already before the age This is also why there is meanwhile such a high and on and on rising number of year old women with enormous breast of sizes you only saw very rarely 25 years ago. Actually, already 25 years ago there likewise were many young teens who had very large breasts. But most of them had breast reduction surgery at age 15 or even younger, so their actual possible breast size was never seen later. It only seems to be like that for several reasons:.

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Sasha. Age: 28.
mature women with large breasts

When women take birth control pills, those extra hormones eventually leave the body in the urine, and while the sewer is treated, they are worried about nasty bacteria and pH balance, not how many hormones are getting dumped into the water.

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Scarlett. Age: 28.
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Sceptics about the high number of such cases in the past just ignore the fact that most women back then hid such breasts from the public because of the social unacceptance about it at that time. Estrogens are naturally occurring in soy products, and soy is included in a LOT of processed foods these days. The most important reason is the internet, because 30 years ago most people only knew about the large-breasted teens they actually met personally, and they maybe got knowledge of some few cases they saw on TV in addition.

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