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Back in the middle of the studio, Harry mentions the potential reality show again. Besides Dmitri, no one's spoken a word, so I introduce myself to the other guys. With the lights barely dimmed, I can clearly see the other five participants, all men. It's essential because, without some thought and planning, nudity is just a gimmick whose novelty fades by the second water break. When we shoulder press, we all overextend our backs at the top, and during the front squats, our chests collapse forward. That's the one thing that I want to be able to maintain.

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Vivian. Age: 32.
nude fitness training

When we spoke on the phone a week earlier, he'd said that, since he first announced the class in January, he'd had a flood of interest from men, women, local nudist colonies, and two TV networks considering a reality show.

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Ember. Age: 31.
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Naked Fitness Training for Men

Two are in their early 30s, a few years older than me, two are in their early 40s, and one is in his 50s. About ten minutes in, we take our first water break. We start with mountain climbers, essentially running on the ground in a push-up position.

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