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Our edit took a 30 second portion from the same Girls Do Porn episode, but it was sourced from a different video hosted on another Pornhub site. This 30 second portion featured similar shots to the fingerprinted video. She found out that her name and personal information were connected to her video and posted on numerous forums, along with links to her Facebook profile. A shorter portion of the same video file we uploaded was also seemingly automatically removed within an hour. Pornhub claims that victims of nonconsensual porn—as many of the Girls Do Porn videos are—can easily request to remove videos from the site, and that those videos can be "fingerprinted. But once we found one video by searching for an alias of one of the women, it recommended dozens of other Girls Do Porn videos, many of which had hundreds of thousands of views. At the time of publication, the most recently uploaded Girls Do Porn video on Pornhub we could find was posted 22 hours ago.

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If you see any content from [Girls Do Porn], please let us know so we can remove [it].

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However, he said Pornhub and Vobile's inability to detect a 30 second portion of the fingerprinted Girls Do Porn video reuploaded to its platform is "pretty bad. Pornhub and the other Mindgeek sites are not the only ones who make Girls Do Porn videos easy to find. On February 3, Hawkins told us that "as far as I'm aware, they're aren't any [Girls Do Porn videos] currently on the site. After Motherboard first reported on deepfakes in , Pornhub blocked the phrase on its site and said that it would ban algorithmically-generated face-swap videos as nonconsensual porn.

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