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The Power of a virtuality can forces a changes of the physical form of the reality. Focus I have used the analogy of conflict in Rwanda from as a result of a non-programmatic solution to the Slovak ethnic groups. The installation is made out of three symbolic x-ray consoles. Following the example of many world cities, artists have brought their art to the premises of the factory ceased operations and gave it a new dimension of presentation gallery character. Directly in Nove Mesto nad Vahom Zelena Voda they were looking for ways to get to know the place, which resulted in several outputs.

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Shiloh. Age: 26.
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D-S11ZJ is focused on the form of communicating media in this order: Promotion, absorption, identification, design.

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Emmaline. Age: 23.
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Pseudoscientific thesis from the early 20th century about the predisposition, intelligence and hierarchy resulted in genocide between Hutus and Tutsi ethnic groups. We do not exclude one thing or another and give it higher or lower importance, we see them in a functional whole. These visualisations are shared by the Internet, what was opening a public discussion. The output is realized in the form of citylight in the public space of Banska Bystrica.

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