Gentai foundry

gentai foundry
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HentaiFoundry is a community for porn artists that love to draw hentai, Western porn, digital porn, or even comics of all kinds. Get that non-porn shit out of here HentaiFoundry is cool, but it could do some things to appeal to us degenerate fappers just as much as artists. I like that the art goes through a vetting process. We all love fapping to hentai. Cartoons represent American series like Family Guy, Marvel comics, and more. You can also find some cool comics, and plenty of discussion on these works that are fun to read.

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Nina. Age: 26.
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I like that the art goes through a vetting process.

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Cordelia. Age: 27.
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Hentai Foundry

The forum is split into three main sections: site discussion, art porn discussion, and real life discussion. Sadly, the comics gallery layout is really wack here. There are also lots of general discussions too, if you want to make friends on a porn site.

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