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It was either too forced or not loud enough, and you collapsed flat onto your back, your script crinkling slightly in your palm. You bent down and met him for another kiss, this time the both of you on your knees. His fingers were inside and out again and again, your drenched crevice of juices squeezing around him without mercy. Yes you could certainly go for a drink right about now. No, no, he was certainly the piece of art here. He palmed you, working his hands over the soft mounds, only for a moment, and then headed in for another heated lip-lock. With much hesitation, you rolled onto your back, knees presuming a bent position as you arched your spine, or so how the scene described it.

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With a cleared throat, you tried it again, but ended up sounding too nasally.

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Your shirt went over your head, and he pulled away from the lengthy kiss, your lips numb and wet. You felt so small in comparison to him, in that moment; he was a genuine star, who rose to the top and was famed for his appearances in these kinds of films. A few moments passed, and the night sky plastered itself before you.

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