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Already, images of his triumph circled through his head, of throwing down his two aces in triumph and watching as she was forced to remove three articles of clothing. Better hope I don't win this one. Meditating, practising their kicks and punches, or something. Syrana flipped over the last card, and Colin gave a faint, almost unnoticeable smirk. Her claws raked across his back harmlessly as he drove into her a few inches, back and forth, yelling out loud and emptying himself into her tight, gripping ass, feeling the hot liquids starting to overflow, seeping from around the tight grip her tailhole had on him. There just weren't enough colours on the table for that.

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Episode 47 - Lucario: Naked Man

Long shudders and gasps left him at the soft tongue caressing over his length, keeping him from softening, keeping him aroused as she stroked her paws over his stomach and thighs ancouragingly. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Well, 'lived' was a rather relative word.

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