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Nicholas of The Miller's Tale, however, gives evil for good. The deceit involves heavenly or eschatological matters: They convince John that the heavenly stars have revealed a new flood forthcoming, and, as Noah's family was the only family to be saved, old John is to build miniature arks for the three of them. Adam Bede has been added to your Reading List! In both tales, two men are seeking the love or possession of the same woman. Absalon recovers quickly and thrusts the red-hot poker up the middle of Nicholas' arse. The same joyful nature underlies her response to Absalon's horror after her trick: "'Tehee!

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The Canterbury Tales

Here at the beginning of the tales, we see this relationship most clearly. For Absalon, then, to go from idolization eschatology to arse-kissing scatology is a complete journey. Nicholas' name, like John's, is also significant.

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