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What role does consent play in your relationship? L: A big part of it for me, is Bailey enjoying what we're doing and that's when I enjoy it most So, it's absolutely more than just "checking in", it's also like - inviting each other to really think critically about what we want, when we want it and knowing that it doesn't have any impact on the status of our partnership. Just because you'd even ask to me cuddle. I totally think that's awesome.

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Camilla. Age: 29.
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Sexual interactions are then based on taking, violating or pressuring..

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Karla. Age: 27.
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For the Consent of love

Can this give insight as to how our stories of consent change once they are pushed out into the world, to be influenced and critiqued by the media, by society and by gendered expectations of sexuality? Women too, are educated from an early age that they are to be pursued by the men in their lives and that romance, love and sex follow this game of pursuit. Thank you to the couples who allowed me the great privilege of capturing their relationship, the essence of their intimacy and the performances of consent that take place within their partnerships.

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