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She told Mediaite that when she brews coffee "it looks like mud or pee" and that she has been known to set bread on fire when trying to toast it. On the program, she often left 10 percent and once said that a 7 percent tip is perfectly fine. Her attempts were captured on home security cameras, but it was all useless. She says it doesn't hurt her feelings in the least, because she can't let it. She figured that out early on, so early that she actually started her first business while still in high school.

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Lennox. Age: 28.
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It's like trying to get the class bully to be your buddy — a waste of time.

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Carlee. Age: 28.
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Things you didn't know about Rachael Ray

Croup is a viral infection in the voice box but rarely does damage like she experienced. Most people say they wouldn't let fame change them. Science says men love husky voices. The short, bubbly ball of energy has an amazing empire of magazines, TV shows, cookbooks, products, and websites that perhaps only the mighty Oprah eclipses.

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