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For one thing, he's not going to take the chance that you'll think it's weird. Because obviously, in theory, sex is much better than masturbation, right? Sometimes it's just the nearest material within reach, like a T-shirt or sheet. While you may hope that he's neatly disposing of his mess with tissues, there's always the very possible fact that he got caught up in the moment and wasn't focusing on an easy clean-up. Plus, just like with sex, it's not always the same thing.

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And while sex definitely feels good even better than masturbating sometimes , depending on your mood, only you can scratch that itch.

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Heather. Age: 23.
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6 Masturbation Secrets Men Will Never Tell You

Plus, masturbation doesn't necessarily take away from sex in general. So just because one of your friends told you that her guy masturbates five times a week, that doesn't mean your guy does, too. It could be more, could be less. Once you accept the fact that most men masturbate 59 percent , in fact , you'll probably have tons of questions.

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