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Following the Stonewall Riots of , the early years of the decade saw fresh laws prohibiting queer discrimination, openly gay people like Harvey Milk were elected into political office, and homosexuality was removed from the list of psychiatric disorders. In a bid to convince his friends of the resemblance between himself and his father, he reels off a list of stereotypical jokes about African Americans and reasons that his dad's ethnicity explains a few things about him. It's an inappropriate, deeply outdated depiction of sexual assault which not only undermines the actual trauma of such an experience, but also perpetuates the myth that it's impossible for women to rape men. Hyde even pulls up a lawn chair so he can sit outside and enjoy the spectacle. Specifically, Hyde's "'fro" and his "suspicion of the Man. In the season 7 episode " Light Years from Home," Kelso is struggling to figure out ways to break up with his girlfriend Angie. However, it unfortunately wasn't the only time sexual assault was used as an inappropriate punchline on the show.

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In it, Eric makes friends with a rich, popular kid called Buddy Joseph Gordon Levitt and the two enjoy a bromance for the ages — right up until Buddy makes an inappropriate move on his new pal which provokes nothing short of pure horror from Eric.

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All of which, for the most part, could be said about Laurie. Every joke about Laurie being promiscuous. Apparently, Eric supporting the cause as a proud feminist ally is a punchline in and of itself, as the zingers come thick and fast concerning his enthusiasm for the rights of women.

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