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Just to confirm it there was a half drunk bottle of vodka mix in one hand. As he began to tug it free he noted a dried stain on her inner thigh; a stain of dried cum. The gravel crunched under his footsteps as he walked off the end of the path from the house to the parking area where the SUV was parked. You girls have all grown up so much The tall brunette took another lurching step to almost where Ron stood and staggered. I hope you made sure it was out, we don't want that shed burning down," Ron made light of the secret.

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There were only supposed to be a few girls at the party; some of Lara's high school friends.

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Still in his squatting mode he moved between the two feet, dragging her legs apart as he moved keeping below the level of the SUV deck. Ron had consumed a few drinks himself that evening and was feeling particularly at ease with himself. Then he slipped the button undone and tugged her zipper down.

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