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Sasuke clenched his fist even tighter. He easily kept to the shadows. Thirteen years… for thirteen years, we've been the village's pariah over something we couldn't control. His figure was easily shown through his clothes since his muscles are easily recognizable. There are several scrolls about all the knowledge of my jutsus, along with several other arts I have accumulated over the years.

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Kyra. Age: 25.
naruto x raven

Most people that collected books or any other type of rare object would never actually use them or let anyone else for that matter.

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It was difficult tracking their spiky haired friend. When the whiskered boy looked up to see his teacher waiting for him, he also waited for a moment. It was later discovered by Jiraiya that the Cursed Seal was hiding a compulsion seal within the sealing matrix. I'd say we get Ino to use her 'Shintenshin no Jutsu' on a few random civilians to try to learn what we can.

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